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My first run in Prince George the weather was not to hot my race was near the end of Spring (June). If Thai people came it would be cold for them. BRRRRR.....! The race was very exciting! I signed up and got my number the day before the race. It was with the T-shirt $27.00 to sign up without the T-shirt it was $20.00. There were lots of kids and female and male participants over 300 people entered the race. That was the 2nd year they had that race in Prince George. They had a junior age group 10-18 years old and they had a female open and a male open 19-39 and masters 40-49 and grand master 50-59 and great grand master 60-69+. I didn't know whether to put the number on the front or on the back of my T-shirt! I had to ask my friend, who had experience. My husband helped me throughout the race by keeping me company and he advised me what to eat before the race.

They had the race on a Sunday. It was the same day as in Thailand because on Saturday people are still working or if there was a runner from another town they could travel on Saturday. The race started late on Sunday 8:00 am because then it wouldn't be too hot out yet. I got up at 5:45 am so i could get ready and eat earlier so that I wouldn't get a cramp I drank LOTS of water however I did not drink it all at one time I took it sip by sip. The temperature was very good there was a little drizzle outside. Earlier Sunday there was hardly any traffic. That was good for the race and then the runners could run on the road and feel that the traffic isn't waiting for them to go by. If there was traffic the cars would drive really slow. Traffic police helped control the traffic at the intersections. After you've ran the first mile they have volunteers telling you your time so far. Every 3km people will give you water and they also had outhouses(sorry I forgot how many km the outhouses were apart). They had first aid people, who had there certificate. If somebody had an accident or got hurt they would help. They would follow you around on bikes.

I was sooooo tired   after the first 6km of the race. My husband encouraged me to keep going (my husband slowed down at my speed). I told myself that I could do it and I have to come before 10th. When I finished my time was 48min but I don't know how many seconds (In Canada they have a big clock to keep track of your time). When I checked my time I thought I would do not so great maybe come in 8th or 9th place. I just waited to see all the 5km and 10km runners finish the race. All the runners results came out on the computer right away however the 21km runners hadn't come in yet. When I checked my results I came 2nd in the female open. My husband came 8th in the master age group. I didn't see any trophies or medals. So we went home but around noon my friend phoned me and told me that (she ran 21km and came 2nd). The YMCA called and told me to come get my medal. At the YMCA they gave medals to 1st, 2nd and 3rd out of each age group (no trophies).

I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! HAHAHA!           I did not too shabby on my first race in Canada it made me want to do more raceing. I kept training.

Thank-you Nisa




I live in British Columbia in the west of Canada. Prince George district is where I live right now. I am 32 and 6 months.  I started running for health in 1997. Because I want to fight with my migraine head-aches. My husband  is my trainer.My first race in P.G was 10 km with the YMCA on June 1998. I came second for the open women. And the same year on September I ran in the labour Day Classic for 15 km.  In Canada there is the same amount of women runners as men . And every year of January my family and I go back to Thailand to run away from very cold weather.

 In 1999 I started running for the frist time in Thailand in Hun Hin supermini marathon for 16 km. It was showering I just about finished first but I got lost because there was nobody to tell the directions at the fourway stop. I came third. I was so upset. When we came back to Canada I raced at the YMCA in June again. This time I ran for 21 km. Then I stopped racing for awhile because my allergies were buging me. But I'm still running for my own health and running for Terry Fox Run to raise money. In the year 2000 we went back to Thailand. My husband and I ran  in the Chaing Mai marathon. I ran for 21 km I did very good I came 1st out of all the women and then 1st out of my age group.I'm so happy because I made it.   The weather was not too hot. In this race I felt so comfortable and warm with another runner.

In 2001 we back to Thailand again and every morning my husband and I got up early to go for a run at Lum Pini Park.  I ran into the Thai running and he invited me to go to the race in Rassbure but I couldn't make it because I had to go back to Nakhon Phanom to go make a merit for my dad however he gave me the running scheldule.  When we went to Hun Hin I ran into a running event and he invited me to join Mahasiy's group and I went for the race on February 4 but I didn't do as good as I would have liked in the race because I got a cramp during the race.  I didn't get enough sleep, food and I had indigestion.  I died before i finished the race.  HAHAHAHA !  However this was a good experience because I now know that I have to get enough sleep and eat well!   When I came back to Canada I got myself back in tip top shape so that it wouldn't happen again.  

This June I'm goin to race at the YMCA for the 10 km race and this time a lot of female athletes have signed up for the race too.  This year they are also have a whole marathon.  I came 6th for my age group ( 19-39 years ) in the 10km race.  My time was 46:27.  I would like to have my body ready for the Thriathlon by the day of the race July 15, 2001 however I am not doing the swimming just the running 5km and biking 40km and then run again 5km.  They call this a duathlon.

 So this is my running experience so far.  My goal for running is to run the 42 km run before I turn 35 but I'm not sure if I'm going to run in Canada or in Thailand.  So far I have run    in 2 countries and I like Thailand the best because I feel more comfortable because all of the runners     are so nice and they help you along the race.  The Thai people are so friendly     and are always smiling         .  I feel more supported running in Thailand and it will make the Thai people more healthy if they run in it too.


 In Prince George they have 8 Thai people.  I'm the most craziest out of all of them!  HAHAHAH   !     I love all sports because they can get in good shape and make you healthy and they are very fun.  Oh ya I forgot to mention that I have 1 daughter named Yuy she and her best friend ( Katrina )  help me type letters




Thank-you From: Nisa






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